The Project

I once thought I would be a photographer. Grand visions of haunting cemeteries, driving down roads no one had visited in years, discovering the beauty in the ordinary… it wasn’t visions of sugarplums that danced in my head, it was these photographs. Photographs of things I had yet to see or experience, already fully developed, framed out.

And then life happened. And these visions changed into something a little more… practical.

For two and a half years, my cameras have been packed away. Now, they are out. I am in the process of cleaning them. The FE, the FM, the Elan 7E. And my trusty digital, the Nikon Coolpix P80. It’s not an SLR, but it takes wonderful photos and has become my near constant companion.

As I dust my cameras off, so I dust myself off. Regenerating the eye I once had, fostering the skills I once prized – all this must come back to me now.

So, as many before me (and with me), I am undertaking a project: one photo a day, for 365 days. The rules are simple.

1. I must pick one subject to photograph. I can take as many photos of that subject as I want, but I must not wander about searching for a subject to create my photo for me. I must create my photo out of that subject.

2. For the sake of timeliness, I will shoot primarily with the Nikon Coolpix. This means I am limited in focal length, shutter speed, and some of the other niceties that an SLR provides. When I do pick up one of my other cameras, I will shoot for a week or so, and so my posts will be delayed.

That’s it. Simple. Easy. (Maybe.)


One Response to “The Project”

  1. I am totally psyched to see a new photo everyday. We’ve always said you should make a living out of your works. Yours are the only “art” hanging in our home!

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