The Fantastic Mr. Dobler


Dobler, the OG, the founder of the DDC, dog of my heart, is the subject of today’s shot.

My goal was to not only get an interesting photo of Dobler (capturing his cuteness was a foregone conclusion) but to see how much I could push the limited aperture settings on the Coolpix.

More than anything in this shot, I am in love with the texture and clarity of the hairs in his tail, coupled with the softness of his face in the background.

I liked today’s photos so much that there are two runners up:

The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye

This might have been my first choice if not for the fact that my reflection is caught so clearly in his eye. My self-critic (they are loud, aren’t they?) tells me that is way too gimmicky, way too cliche, way too… high school. So a runner up it became, because overall, I do quite like the image.


Oh, I love this image. THIS is Dobler. If only the depth of field had been reversed, so that his nose was in focus instead of his eye, this would have been my first choice.


3 Responses to “The Fantastic Mr. Dobler”

  1. Love ALL of these–and am paticularly fond of the “high school” one for the very inclusion of your unintentional reflection in his eye. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. i wish my dog would let me take pics of her like this. as soon as i put my camera to my face she starts barking at me. she’s scared of the camera.

  3. monica, dobler is the only one who will! bronx gets freaked out and either charges the camera or runs from the room, and draya just acts like a nutjob – she doesn’t hate it, but won’t let me get close like dobler does. he’s pretty awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    and cheryl, thank you! mwah!

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