Anenome, Anyone?


All winter I have loathed these plants, the way Samantha Baker loooooaaathed the bus.

And then, they surprised me. About a week ago, they started shooting up fiddleheads. Fiddleheads!

They aren’t prickly mini-palms at all, but fern palms. (Also known as the sago palm, I believe) And, it’s not really a fern, either, but some kind of cycad, which makes it closely related to both plants, but not exactly either one. You can insert your own Freudian analysis here.

The fiddleheads are beautiful. In another week, when they’ve turned out to be palm-like leaves and lost their charm, I will go back to despising these things and unceremoniously rip them right out of the garden. But they’ve earned a respite, while I can still find the beauty in them.

Here are two bonuses from today’s shoot:




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