Sorry, I Don’t Travel

Sorry, I Don't Travel

But I will peek around this corner at you!

I have always been fascinated with gnomes. I have a small collection, including 2 from 1930s Germany (they aren’t allowed outside) and one who is a bit banged up, but appears to be a Mexican riding a pig. The things you can learn about gnomiculture these days if you only look….

One more for good measure. This guy does a lot of peeping. I’d watch out if I were you.



2 Responses to “Sorry, I Don’t Travel”

  1. chrystal Says:

    So, are you breaking the one-a-day rule already? Or is this just a beginning bonus? *grin*

  2. you’ve gotten a bonus the past few days. the rule is that i can only pick ONE subject, but i can take as many shots as i like. sometimes, i get more than one that i can’t bear not to share. 🙂

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