Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law

I know I made rules. Specific rules. Rules that were supposed to guide the whole project.

I’m breaking them already. And really, I don’t feel that bad about it. So just pretend Rob Halford is singing along in the background of this post.

Chess and Dogs

I went to get my marriage certificate in downtown Durham today, and these guys had a hot dog stand near the courthouse – complete with chess set for any willing challenger. They said I could take their pictures if I said nice things about them.


Hook this way!

I love the sky and angles of this one, but the sunburst really made it stand out.


I am a sucker for yellow and rust, so when I came across this old bike rack (made of bike parts) it was instant love.

The Man with the Gold... Rules

I ain’t getting on no plane, Hannibal!


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