I’ve taken hundreds of pictures since beginning this project, and some days it is just so difficult to narrow things down to just one image (hence the posts with more than one). Beyond that, some days I take other photos that I’d love to share, but are beyond the parameters I set for myself. So instead of continual rule-breaking posts (and Judas Priest references – really, how many do we need? Wait. Don’t answer that.) I’ve decided that I’ll do a series of outtake posts, where I show you some of the images that didn’t make the final cut, but that I still love.


4 Responses to “Outtakes”

  1. Well these are amazing shots.
    It makes me wonder which ones did make it into the final cut.

    • wow, thank you so very much!

      if you want to see the ones that made the cut, check out the rest of the blog – it’s a photo-a-day project, so almost every one of the outtakes is the result of a set of shots from each day.

      thanks again!!! (and, how did you find me??)

  2. oh wow, i can’t even pick a favourite they are all fantastic
    i’ve just stumbled upon your blog but i like your photographs
    i’ll put you on my blogroll so i can visit again

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