Memorial Day, 2010

I’m always thoughtful on Memorial Day – not because I think our soldiers and airmen and seamen have died to keep us free, but simply because they died in service to their country, no matter their motivation for being in the military.

This year, Memorial Day takes on new meaning to me. My husband is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. He was deployed to Iraq last year, and we are getting ready to ship out to Japan in a few months. He works Ammo/Munitions, as an Inspector, which makes him responsible for all kinds of munitions getting loaded onto aircraft going out on missions. He downplays the importance of this job, but without him, and all the other airmen who do lesser-known, but no-less-important jobs, the Air Force could not exist.

So I think especially of him today, and of the friends he lost in Iraq, the funerals he had to attend, the funerals we may attend in the future. And I have to thank him for the job that he does every day, because he does what so many of us cannot do, and that stands for a lot.


Stars and Stripes

Every Day

Reluctant Hero


2 Responses to “Memorial Day, 2010”

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was moved by this tribute.

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