Outtakes, 2

A new set of outtakes from the past few days – some are other versions of shots that made the final cut, and some are just other shots that were in consideration.

Draya Sleeping

I love this dog. She spent the day helping me paint, and I caught her in a rare moment where she would let me get close enough to take a nice image. And then I played in Photoshop a bit. It’s not my ideal image, but I like the faded, aged look – as if the photo has been heated and exposed to sun.

T3: Rise of the Machine

I love Mr. T. And thanks to my sister, I have tons of Mr. T pop-culturey items to shoot. Prepare yourselves for a series, my friends. This was also toyed with in Photoshop – although I liked the original lighting, I didn’t want to post another green shot.

Fizzy Lifting Drink

Just a pretty glass, with pretty fizzing. Be careful not to drink too much, or you’ll float too high and hit the fans!


I just loved this bus. I did some further research, and as best I can tell, it’s a 1948 Chevy one-ton. I thought at first it was from the 50s, but research on 50s school buses showed that by that time, they had already grown in size – while this simply had room for the driver, and 4-6 children.

Chrome and Yellow

Wooden Waves

The staircase in the old Durham courthouse – it’s really quite beautiful, but they don’t like for you to take pictures in there.


You may not always see him, but he always sees you.


Normally I eschew the use of the blurring filters in Photoshop, but this time it seemed quite fitting given the nature of the image.



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