Charlotte Isn’t Here

Charlotte Isn't Here

These beauties set up shop right outside our front door, in the handle of – of all things – bug killer.

Only one is pictured, the adult female, though I don’t believe she is full grown. There was another, a juvenile, as well. Look for him in the outtakes….


3 Responses to “Charlotte Isn’t Here”

  1. and this is my fave fave! wonderful shot makes you feel a part of really do have a great eye!

    • Thank you so very very much! I’ve just now gotten over being creeped out by the fact that they were here – yesterday I didn’t even want to look at the pictures, and now it’s one of my faves, too!

  2. […] were inundated with lynx spiders this year, among other, more nefarious types. This one decided my hibiscus plant was the perfect place to lay her egg sac. Watching her was […]

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