Film Week, Day 2

Today taught me a valuable lesson:  carry that digital camera even when you are shooting film! I stumbled across a hidden pond today while driving down one of our back roads. It was loaded with dragonflies, raspberries, waterlilies and frogs (none of whom I managed to spot long enough to shoot). And, as I was getting ready to leave, the most amazing writing spider! It was on the wrong side of the web from me, and I wasn’t brave enough to step in the water (snakes, eek!), so I thought I would just reach around with my camera and try to get the shot that way. And halfway there I hit my last frame.

So I’ll be going back later this week. Don’t laugh if you pass me on the road as I’m pulling on my waders.

Another two shots from the archive today. Since today was a nature day… garden shots!



I never did get any fennel that year.


2 Responses to “Film Week, Day 2”

  1. Amazing macro shots

  2. Thank you very much! My current digital doesn’t do macro very well, but the Elan 7E was always spot on for me.

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