Film Week, Day 4

Hardcore Light Painting

Light painting…. I love the difference between this, in which you shoot the picture and don’t know what the light looks like until much later, and in other types of painting, where you purposefully use a light source (like a flashlight) to create images and shapes out of light. Here, I think it really conveys the energy and intensity of the show environment.


I must have had a lot of sunflowers in my garden that year – the number of pictures I have of them is astonishing. I picked this one, though, because I think the texture and detail is just amazing. My digital camera doesn’t capture shots like this – there is something very special about film, even still.

Shooting today was kind of a bust. But, I did find a place where I want to shoot. It’s too bad there were “Trespassers Will Be Shot” signs everywhere. (And the place looked like it meant it.) I did take pictures today, but I don’t feel too excited over what I might have captured…. As always, we’ll see!


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