Not Your Typical Botanical….

I spent most of the day hauling boxes down from my parents’ attic and going through them, sorting junk from things to keep…. I had a LOT of stuff up there. Although I’ve gotten better in recent years, I just don’t throw things away, particularly if they have any sort of sentimental value… which led to this discovery:

Maskingtapicus Botanicus

This is a flower made out of masking tape and safety pins (as young punks, there were always plenty of safety pins around), given to me by my first boyfriend. You should note not just the fine, fine craftsmanship, but also the very classy Tic-Tac container vase.

It doesn’t make for a fantastically artistic or striking picture, but it gets to be the photo of the day for the sheer nostalgia of it.

And in case you would like to see some rather more artistic work, follow the link…..



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