Almost There….

At long last! I have Photoshop up and running – and miles and miles of photos to share. I’ve been steadily shooting this whole time my system has been down, so that’s roughly 60 photos to make up for.

And yes, dear readers, I’ve learned my lesson about hard drives. I now own two spanking new external drives, both of which back up everything on the machine on a daily basis. Just like a grownup!

In honor of being almost fully restored, I bring you tidings of cheer – and dark chocolate caramels. Yum!

Almost There

Now to re-acquire all my brushes, actions, textures and so on! If you’ve stuck with me through this, thank you ever so much!


3 Responses to “Almost There….”

  1. So glad to see you back to posting your wonderful photos and fun-to-read comments!

  2. aww good to hear you’re back up & running šŸ™‚
    nice ‘welcome back’ photo

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