The Weaver

A shot from the period when my computer was down – I’m doing a very non-traditional Photo 365! Then again, that’s just how life works, I suppose.

This beautiful lady was in our field two days in a row, in the exact same spot.

The Weaver

I felt so lucky to catch her as she was working on her web!

The really cool (bizarre?) thing is how I found her. She was tucked back a little off the trail, but I saw these tall grasses frantically swaying and bending, like trees in a hurricane – not normal tall grass behavior even on a windy day. When I went to investigate, I found Weaver, using her legs in a pumping action to make her enormous web bounce like a vertical trampoline.

I don’t know the reason for the behavior, but on the way back she had captured a large dragonfly, so perhaps it’s an effort to attract or trap prey?

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