Lounging Around….

I found this crazy, strange, mysterious…. thing…. attached to the branch of an oak sapling. There are many more of them out there, in just one section of the field, and I’ve no idea what they are.

I thought this one had a strange quality to it – it almost looks like a fat woman sunbathing!

So here she is, in all her glory:

Bathing Beauty

Laying Out

If you know what these are, let me know! I’m thinking some kind of fungus? I monitored them throughout the summer and fall, and never saw any sort of insect activity from it. Have I discovered some biblical blight?

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8 Responses to “Lounging Around….”

  1. Very cool. I am with you on thinking its fungus of some sort but I have never seen any quite like that. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for looking! I think surely it must be a fungus among-us. I went back to look at the others and those saplings were nearly bare (unusual down here) and the leaves had a skeleton-leaf quality to them. Next stop: Mom the Science Teacher!

  2. Sorry, mom the science teacher doesn’t know, either. My guess would be some kind of fungus or an egg sac.

  3. SInce it has a hole in each section, it makes me think egg sac. Now I am curious.

    • I thought that, too, but a friend in the know suggested that it could be a gall – so I looked them up and it could be that for sure, but I didn’t find any that were exactly like it. If it is an egg sac, it’s mighty scary because it’s a good 4 inches long!

  4. I think it is a preying mantis egg sac.

    • It is almost definitely not a preying mantis egg sac– they usually look like tiny paper mache balls and don’t show such well-defined exit holes. Probably some other insect.

  5. Definitely larvae related with the exit holes. Very interesting and awesome! Great pics too.

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