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OMG, Ya’ll…

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All-you-can-eat children!

All You Can Eat

And they’re half price!


In Progress…

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In Progress

I spent part of today working on altered matchboxes – this is the beginning (well, after the gesso and paint beginning) of an Edward Gorey box for a friend. Most of  the box ended up being done in pen and ink, but there were a few other touches, including the monogram Shrinky Dink you see in the background.

Catching Up….

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I am behind!

I was on the road all day Saturday, coming home from North Carolina, and then… well, things just kind of got away from me. So I owe photos from 3 days, including today. I did actually manage to shoot each day, I just didn’t make it to the blog – though I suppose it’s not such a terrible thing to take a couple days away from the computer…

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jesus Saves


Sunday, June 27, 2010


Monday, June 28, 2010

Tropical Summer

It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity

Dimma in HDR

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I think I’ve talked previously about how I try to use Photoshop or other edits fairly minimally. Sometimes, though, there’s a technique that’s just too much fun to play around with. With today’s photo, I followed a tutorial aimed at producing images that mimic those created using what’s called HDR – high dynamic range imaging. It’s typically done using multiple exposures of the same shot, but can be fudged in Photoshop. And depending on which photo you start with, and whose tutorial you follow (I tried 3 tonight, and they produced wildly different results), you get a different result every time.

So here’s one technique, using layer masks and frequent adjustment of shadows and highlights:

Dimma in HDR

She’s normally a very sedately colored tortie, but the HDR processing created this awesome pop-art, sort-of -solarized, crazy image – all while retaining super sharp detail in certain areas, which I love.

This is definitely something I’ll play around with more – I think it could be especially interesting on some of my images of cars, which already have really bright color.

Awash in a sea of green…

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Not lush plant life, or green beer….

Sea of Green

…it’s yet more nostalgia. I loved this when I was little (and I still do).

It’s a recipe my mom found, oh, at least 20 years ago now. During the golden age of Jell-O, I imagine. It’s lime Jell-O on top, with canned pears, and layered underneath is lime Jell-O mixed with vanilla yogurt.

Sweet, refreshing and oh so very, very green!

Textures and Lilies

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My mother grows amazing, amazing lilies – and I shoot them nearly every year. I never get tired of them, and they are a little different each time.

Today I was struck by the incredible textures in the flowers – the petals appear to be some sort of exotic fabric, the stamens embellished by nuggets of golden pollen.

Please Go Now!

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Marvin K. Mooney

Buried in one of my boxes was this, probably my favorite Seuss book as a child (though not my favorite book; I think that is reserved for “The Monster at the End of the Book”). It’s a little dirty and beat up, but still ever-so-much fun to read (or shout).